Our Story


Anabel’s Angels Incorporated is a 501c3 nonprofit organization designed to bring light into the lives of those challenged with terminal diseases or physical afflictions – especially those who receive little to no support.  We seek to accomplish this task by raising funds either to provide directly or through grants to under funded medical trials and/or programs directed towards the terminally ill or physically afflicted.

The company was founded by Jeff Tengonciang in May 2016 as a result of the loss of his older sister, Anabel.

Shortly after a military transfer to Japan, Anabel experienced a cough that simply refused to go away.  Anabel was a hard worker and a “hard charger”.  She didn’t let something like a “small” cough get in her way.  The cough, however, was persistent.  After a few weeks, Anabel decided it was time to see a physician.  The doctor was immediately concerned and asked that Anabel return to the United States for further diagnosis.  What the stateside doctors discovered was that Anabel had an advanced stage of Nonsmokers Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Anabel sought options with the best oncologists the Navy had to offer.  At the time there were only 3 clinical trials available for her disease.  She qualified for none.  Like many, she was undeterred and chose to fight.  She fought a good battle, but on 22 April 2012, she was overcome by the disease. She was 48.

In 2014, Lung Cancer was the number one cancer worldwide – with an increasing trend of women being affected by Nonsmokers Small Cell Lung Cancer.  Yet, in 2016 (according to the National Institute of Health) there were less than 100 clinical trials, articles and/or discussions related or dedicated to Nonsmokers Small Cell Lung Cancer.

The National Institute of Health is one of the primary institutions that provide support for clinical trials.  Its website hosts a vast amount of helpful information and is utilized by researchers worldwide.  The following are sample statistics of number of articles regarding studies and associated clinical trials in 2016 for potential terminal illnesses: Breast Cancer, 7996; Lung Cancer (includes Nonsmokers Small Cell Lung Cancer), 7062; Brain Cancer, 3188, Alzheimer’s Disease, 2046; Stomach Cancer, 2011; Dengue Fever, 149, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, 11.

Anabel’s Angels celebrates the outpouring of support for the advancement of studies for all terminal illnesses and physical afflictions and joins that fight.  We are passionate about bringing light into the lives of those facing life’s greatest personal challenge. The company’s motto of “No Man, Woman or Child Left Behind. No One.” is indicative of Anabel’s Angels pursuit to level the playing field. Both terminal illnesses and physical afflictions are indifferent to a person’s working class, sex, age or origin. There is nothing more frustrating than having the means to take action and realizing that it is too late for anyone to do anything for you or your loved one. For those that have even fewer resources, life becomes seemingly horrible, terrifying, and even hopeless. Anabel’s Angels endeavors to provide that ray of light; and with that hope, an opportunity for a better tomorrow.